TLC Preschool 

is dedicated to providing a unique early childhood education focused on four principles: emotional, social, physical and intellectual growth. Every day we strive to offer interactive learning that will enrich each child’s experience. 



At TLC Preschool, we understand that behavior and values are learned early in a child’s development. TLC Preschool encourages not just tolerance, but true diversity, inclusivity and fellowship. Our goal is to teach our students how to be loving global citizens. The values we incorporate in our daily lessons are derived from our affiliated church, St. Thomas Holy Spirit Lutheran Church. Though we incorporate basic church teachings into our lessons, we welcome all types of families with our inclusive and flexible curriculum.

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Our curriculum at TLC Preschool is age-appropriate and concentrated to help students grow in four different areas of learning: emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually. We encourage interaction between students, autonomous work and decision-making, and critical thinking. TLC Preschool’s curriculum is designed with the child’s experience as the first priority, while considering a child’s nature.

Philosophies that inspire TLC Preschool lessons include:

- The Montessori Method

- Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

- Project Construct and Classical Methods

- My Father’s World Curriculum




Respect is an important value that we promote constantly at TLC Preschool. We believe discipline is always a moment for learning and growth, and we handle discipline in a constructive manner. We understand the importance of preparing even the youngest of children to be self-regulators.

What sets us apart? 

Our low student-to-teacher ratios:

  • Less students per teacher ensures one-on-one learning and excellent childcare.


Our unique curriculum

  • Not only do we incorporate multiple different early childhood teaching methods, but TLC Preschool also encourages our students to unplug and connect. This means that we focus more on group learning and interactive activities rather than relying on technology to teach or entertain our students. We believe that a more hands-on approach is conducive to learning and self-expression.


Our value for quality nutrition

  • At TLC Preschool we have a “Real Food First” mentality; nutritionally balanced cuisine is important. (See our sample menus here).


Our value for professional development

  • All of our teachers complete a minimum of 12 hours of professional development training in order to learn the latest perspectives on child care and the most effective ways to help our students grow.