Curriculum Includes

By the end of the year, your 3/4-year-old will will have learned...

  • With guidance and support, communicate to seek out help with a difficult task, to find comfort, and to obtain security. b. With guidance and support, engage with a variety of familiar adults. 4-year-olds

  • Interact appropriately with familiar adults. a. Communicate to seek out comfort, security, and help with difficult tasks. b. Engage with a variety of familiar adults for a specific purpose.

  • Interact appropriately with other children. a. Engage in positive interactions and communications with classmates (e.g., greet peers, use names of classmates, share materials). b. Develop relationships and share a friendship with one or two peers (e.g., offer assistance and materials to others). c. Ask permission to use items or materials of others. d. Acknowledge needs and rights of others (e.g., “It’s your turn in the swing”).

  • Express empathy and care for others. a. With guidance and support, show affection and concern in appropriate ways (e.g., pat a child on the arm; give a soft hug to an upset peer). b. Begin to offer and accept encouraging and courteous words to demonstrate kindness. c. With guidance and support, identify emotional cues of others and react in a positive manner (e.g., "you seem sad".